Hi! I'm Heidi Abbott.

I am the owner and photographer of Thrive Seniors! Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about me and my photography studio. I have been so blessed to be working with Kansas City high school seniors now for 17 years!!! A lot of my first clients are now married and parents. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love being a senior photographer! Although I really enjoy being creative and taking pictures, I think that what I love most about it is getting to know so many amazing young people and being a small, but important part of their senior year. It really is my heart's desire that your senior portrait session will be more than just an appointment, but that you will be left with lifelong memories of having fun, feeling beautiful (or handsome), and creating a special time with your mom or dad. I know that as a senior you have a huge checklist of things that need to be done. My goal is that your experience with Thrive Seniors will not only be unforgettable, but uncomplicated and stress-free.

My Heart in One Picture ❤️

The Thrive Seniors'


Expect nothing short of a fabulous experience and more fun than you can even imagine! Our sessions include a pre-session consultation over the phone, on Facetime, or in person, if you'd like. Our Posh & Luxury Sessions begin with professional makeup with one of Kansas City’s best make-up artists or a member of her team. Thrive Seniors does not work inside a studio, limited to the same backgrounds and props over and over, but we choose instead to take advantage of the amazing colors, textures, and beauty of our metro area. We will put together the perfect locations to match your style, personality, and clothing. 

After your shoot is over, you will have a huge selection of images to choose from. Our editing is vibrant and beautiful and it is important to us that you look like YOU when we are done. You will look breathtaking and you will still have a nose, pores, and your pretty face! 

We shoot a very limited number of sessions. Thrive Seniors won’t be everyone’s senior photographer...and that’s the way we want it! But, we’d love to be yours!  

Professional Makeup

Our Posh and Luxury Sessions include professional makeup by an experienced, licensed makeup artist in the Overland Park area. Your makeup will be an accentuation of the beauty that you already possess. We don't want to make you look like anyone, but yourself! Our makeup application is suited to your wishes, but typically, is very a very natural and complementary look. We want you to look like YOU!


You are beautiful. Flawless. Thrive Seniors strongly believes that who you are, right now, is beautiful. Capturing the real you is important to us. When your images are finished, you and your parents will see "you". You won't be thinking "These look nothing like me". We consider it an honor to capture this pivotal moment in time for you. You will not be a high school senior again and most likely, the next professional pictures you have taken will be your wedding. So, we want to get it right and blow you away.

Our editing style is vibrant and authentic. We have mastered Photoshop over the last 17 years and Thrive Seniors has a reputation for producing bright, beautiful, and flawless images. We don't overdo it. As you can see from our galleries, you will have flawless skin, but skin that looks real, not plastic or glowing.